Who we are

From 1967
a specialised
that is always up
to date

Intertrasport is a family-run company that has been operating in the shipping sector for over fifty years. Thanks to experience, structural resources and professional skills, Intertrasport can serve the clients’ needs effectively and rationally. Throughout the years, the company has implemented an excellent logistics service and strengthened it with an effective, solid distribution network.
Third-party logistics services include warehousing, processing and shipping of products.
Intertrasport offers a complete service that can design customised solutions based on the client’s needs. Intertrasport can be a real commercial partner to speed up shipments and streamline logistics.
Based on a solid culture in the field of distribution, logistics and transportations, the company is still managed with passion by the same people who have always pursued specialization, efficiency and reliability to serve corporate entrepreneurial growth.
The core of Intertrasport activities has always been the ability to place service customization at the strategic heart of the collaboration with clients.
In fact, the Intertrasport activity and offer are more typical of a partnership with the client than of a simple service provision relationship, starting from the advice to optimize the different operating dynamics. A vision that allows the company to be strongly competitive compared to other players in the sector, independently upon the facility and network size.

Certificates to guarantee safety and effectiveness

The service by Intertrasport is guaranteed by the awarded official certifications. Our quality management system complies with the requisites in the regulation for quality management systems UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (ISO 9001:2008)

We care for the environment

We protect the environment in practice, not only theoretically. Intertrasport has invested on renewable energies and installed a 160kWp PV system on the roofs of the warehouses, one of the largest systems in Italy, to guarantee full energy autonomy.