Supporting sport

Intertrasport: a long history of passion supporting healthy and fair sports.

Intertrasport has always been very active in the social field. The company participated in the development of medium to long-term sports projects with the primary goal to foster the growth of young people. In the years, we can remember:

1987 – 1989 President and Sponsor of F.C. Curno
Results: Promotion to the upper league

1998 – 2001 1st Sponsor of Celana Basket
Results: Promotion to A2 league

2001 – 2002 Sponsorship of Basket in Carrozzina Bergamo

2002 – 2006 Owner, President and 1st Sponsor of Interbasket
Results: Promotion to C2 league and to C1 league the following year

2007 – 2011 Partner and 1st Sponsor of Treviglio Basket
Results: attainment of the final match for the promotion to the A2 league

2015 – to now Partner and Gold Sponsor of BB14