IT System

An owned, exclusive IT system for operating management

All the Intertrasport operations in Grassobbio are managed with an exclusive IT system designed in house and based on a long experience. Its unique and simple use was awarded and funded, almost 100%, by the European Community. This system, in fact, was submitted to a three-year competition (from 1995 to 1998) in Brussels and it won the first prize among IT systems for companies in our sector.

The effectiveness and reliability of this technology allow a perfect control and management of different functions. In addition, an internal CED guarantees flexibility by analysing and meeting the client’s needs. The IT system can analyse the needs in the supply chain and in all stocks, inventories, processing and transfer, in any moment thanks to several technologies, from barcode, to radiofrequency, EDI exchanges with clients and partners.
Several international clients have prized and appreciated the system validity and even asked to have it for the application at their own facilities.